Of the 55,151,375 litres of bottled wine marketed, 29,903,701 litres were sold in the national market (which is 1.38% more than last year) and of the remainder 15,030,579 litres (3.32% more) were for export.

Interior market

As regards the 29,903,701 litres of wine marketed in Spain, more than 55% were red (16,840,012 litres), 38% rosé (11,049,887 litres), 6.3% white (2,013,802 litres) and 0.2% sweet wine (57,897 litres).

By geographical zone, as is usually the case, the sales of bottled D.O. from Navarra are concentrated in the mark “Area 6”, which embraces the territories of Álava, Burgos, Guipúzcoa, La Rioja, Navarra, Palencia, Santander and Vizcaya, and where they have marketed more then 20,051,843 litres (3,26% less than in 2004). Nevertheless, the statistics show a rise in sales in the remaining geographical zones such as the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (14.20% more); the Metropolitan Area of Madrid (11.37% more); the “Area 3”, which comprises Almería, Badajoz, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga and Seville, (11.33% more); and the “Area 2”, that includes Albacete, Alicante, Castellón, Murcia and Valencia (12.84% more)..

Exterior market

In the area of export, and in comparison with 2004, sales have increased by 3.32%, marketing a total of 15,030,579 litres of bottled wine. Namely, the most important countries in terms of volume of wine sold are, in this order, Germany (3,901,153 litres), Holland (3,042,152 litres), UK (1,981,887 litres), USA (1,024,061 litres), Denmark (820,571 litres), France (619,013 litres), Switzerland (553,207), Sweden (458,563 litres), Norway (435,212 litres), Ireland (321.120 litres), Belgium (289,687 litres) and Austria (200,777 litres).

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