Conservation Cheese

To preserve the Roncal cheese without suffering any loss or diminution of his fine qualities, it is best to follow one of the following recommendations:

Keep it in a plastic bag.

You should use a normal bag and not transparent laminated paper because, as time passes, moisture cheese begins to move to the cortex to try to go outside. If a plastic wrap covering the cortex we placed, we prevent the departure of that moisture and favor therefore softening of whole cheese. Plastic bag, however, does allow perspiration.

Then enters the section of the refrigerator to a lower temperature range (in the region of the vegetable). As it is not a dead product, continue to develop within the natural processes of maturation and if exposed for a long time at room temperature, is gaining strength. The refrigerator restrains the natural maturation and prevents the cheese flavor acquire too tough.

Keep in mind that over time the bag is coated mold so it is advisable to change it regularly because if the bag touches the cut surface, it can then submit a moldy appearance.

Place in an airtight container

If cheese is already begun, the remaining portion is placed in a sealed plastic container with a piece of dry bread and goes into the fridge. Thus, the bread will absorb moisture protecting the cheese mold growth or excessive drying. It should change the pan as it appears that is covered with mold.

At least one hour before tasting the cheese, the piece that is to be consumed and will put the rest in the fridge to prevent temperature changes that produce excessive fermentation is cut. During that time, the cheese should be at room temperature so that is losing the coldness I had in the fridge and takes away a lot of flavor.

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