All production process is controlled according to a Programme of Control established by the entity Control and Certification Institute of Agro-food Quality of Navarra.

The farmer must make a Farm Handbook. In this Handbook will be noted which plots of land are involved, the crop operations carried out, previous observations that have lead to particular actions, the raw materials used, and any other significant action on the crop that it would be interesting to note. All this must be in line with the Technical rules specified for each crop.

In Navarra, regulation of Integrated Production began its course with the Foral Decree 143/1997 which is used to regulate integrated production and differentiate its products. In it are established the basics that later will be developed through other normative arrangements:

  • Crop rulings (Technical standards and Farm Handbooks)
  • Uses of differenciating elements
  • Official Register of Integrated Products
  • Obligations on farmers and training demands
  • Control and Certification Bodies
  • Co-ordinating Commission
  • Sanctions

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