• Control of origin

    • Identification at birth
      When a calf is born in a farm that is registered as Veal from Navarra, once registered and all the appropriate sanitary inspections have been carried out, the calves are identified using two “crotals” in their ears during the first 19 days of life since this is their “identity card” for all the controls and registrations that will follow. The I.G.P. has access to the database where all the business books of the veal rearers are registered. From this database, the Indication can obtain all the information on the farms currently registered in a given moment.
    • Book of control of treatment
      When the farmer administers any kind of treatment on his animals, either as an individual because of a specific problem or as a collective because some sort of preventive measure is underway, all details must be noted on the product used, the identity of the animals that have received it and its duration.
    • Control visits
      An exhaustive control visit plan is carried out periodically during which all the abovementioned conditions are checked and samples taken of fodder, hair and urine.
  • In order to guarantee the quality of the meat that is sold with the mark Veal of Navarra a series of requisites are demanded of the registered cattle rearers as follows:

    • Breed
      The I.G.P. Veal from Navarra/Nafarroako Aratxea protects and safeguards the bovine meat of Pirenaica, Blonde, Parda Alpina, Charolais and its intersections.
    • Area of production
      This comprises the all counties I, II, III, IV, V, VI and in the county VII all the localities except Bardenas.
    • Identification of the live animal
      All the calves are identified at birth with two crotales that are authorised by the prevailing legislation.
    • Suckling and feeding
      Suckling is obligatory during the, at least, the first four months of the animal life. Whilst suckling, the cows feeding them be given, in addition to the normal pasture, a food supplement composed of products such as corn, oats, wheat, soy, beans, etc. and concentrates of foodstuffs authorised by the Regulatory Council. .


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