• Details are registered on entry (date- slaughter number- Veal from Navarra number).
    • The storage of Veal from Navarra carcasses takes place separately from the rest of the unidentified carcasses. Those entering and leaving are noted down on a daily basis.
    • A register is kept of the distribution of carcasses and half carcasses (label-name or social reason of the butcher).
    • When the carcasses are put on the market in the quarter house, they are identified with the corresponding labels.
    • During storage in halls of the quarter houses, the pieces of Veal from Navarra are separated from the rest.
    • A register is kept of the quartering carried out.

  • Testing of their veracity in the database by the I.G.P.

    When the animal that is to be slaughtered arrives, the abattoir collects all necessary data; its production number, date of slaughter, official crotal, date of birth, sex, category, slaughter weight, carcass weight, yield, structure and state of its fat content; the information is passes to the Regulatory Council of the I.G.P. Veal of Navarra whose ICT system checks the correspondence of the animal with their records (whether it belongs to the I.G.P. or not).

    Following these tests, 40 labels are made that will accompany and identify the carcass once it leaves the abattoir.

    Four labels are attached, one in each quarter of the carcass and the 36 remaining ones are delivered to the distributors authorised by the I.G.P. so that they will be handed on when it is sold – to the quartering house, the butcher, exchanges between distributors etc. In any given moment, these labels must accompany the carcass.

    Furthermore, a certificate is drawn up for each animal that will stay with it up to the point of sale and on which will appear the following information:

    • Number of the animal.
    • Born in.
    • Raised in.
    • Date of slaughter.
    • Classification
    • Slaughtered in.
    • Breed.

    Collection of samples.

    Samples are collected of the eye retina and muscles.

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