The Regulatory Council ensures that Pacharan from Navarra will have the following characteristics:

    1. It is a drink derived from natural alcohol, with a clear flavour of sloe obtained by soaking in alcohol the Pacharan sloe berries gradually from 25 to 30 degrees GL.
    2. The Pacharans used are of highest quality in terms of maturity and texture and have not been in contact with any foreign body before being place in the soaking containers.
    3. The ethylic alcohol of agricultural origin used in the soaking has a grading of between 30 and 50 degrees GL, thus matching the characteristics demanded by the prevailing legislation.
    4. Between 125 and 250 grams of Pacharans or sloe are used per litre, with a quantity of sugars from 80 to 250 grams per litre.
    5. It has no other additives, except the inclusion of other natural fruit to a maximum of five per cent of the total of pacharans used and citric acid that must not exceed a maximum content of a gram per litre as well as caramel or saccharin to lend uniformity to the natural colour acquired during the soaking. The latter two components must be listed on the label of the product.
    6. The soaking must last a minimum of one month and a maximum of eight.

    Quality Control

    One of the most important purposes of the Regulatory Council of Pacharan from Navarra is the control of the quality of the Pacharan covered by the Mark.

    To achieve this, they check that the companies that want to join the Mark are meeting general food production legislation. Then, they must pass an inspection of their installations and of their final products in order to verify that the characteristics and production system fulfil the legislation and the rulings of the Regulation of the Mark.


    The brands listed in the DEPN must store the Pacharan in glass bottles with a maximum capacity of 1 litre, never in larger quantities. The packaging must bear on the label the name of the Specific Mark “Pacharan from Navarra” in an obvious form as well as the emblem of the symbol of the Mark and the numbered labelling of the Regulatory Council in order to guarantee that it is a quality controlled product.


    With the aim of controlling production and shipping, as well as to control volumes and, where necessary, accredit the quality of the Pacharans produced in the protected zone of the Mark, the Regulatory Council keeps a Register of Producers and Bottlers.

  • THE REGULATORY COUNCIL OF THE SPECIFIC MARK OF PACHARAN FOR NAVARRA, created in 1988, is the organ that possesses the power to decide whether the decisive attributes are present of the SPECIFIC MARK "PACHARÁN FROM NAVARRO".

    Their main mission is the fulfilment of all the standards established in the Ruling of the Specific Mark of Pacharán from Navarra.

    Their Remit of competence is:

    1. The production zone of Pacharán from Navarro, constituted by the territory of the Foral Community of Navarra.
    2. Control of the manufacture, bottling, circulation and sale of Pacharán from Navarra.
    3. Control of the companies listed in the Register of Producers/Bottlers of Pacharán form Navarra.

    The Regulatory Council is authorised to watch over any Pacharán that is not protected by the Specific Mark that is produced, sold or transmitted within the production zone (Navarra) reporting incidences to the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Food of the Government of Navarra.

  • A company producing Pacharán must join the DEPN and fulfil all the established requisites in the Ruling, in particular concerning the method of production and the accepting of controls and inspections carried out by personnel of the CRPN, and, of course, they must carry out their production in Navarra itself.

    To achieve this, the Regulatory Council has a Register of Producers/Bottlers in which all companies that claim they are worthy of the Mark Pacharán from Navarra must be registered.

  • Pacharán from Navarro was became a Specific Mark of Origin when six companies from the sector got together and formed the Association of Navarra of Manufaturers and Bottlers of Natural Pacharán in 1985.

    This Association came about because companies concerned with bottling Pacharán saw a proliferation in the market of random producers that offered no sanitary guarantees. To challenge this intrusion, they decided to get together and create the “Association of Navarra of Manufaturers and Bottlers of Natural Pacharán”, as a way to beat the random producers and guarantee the quality of the product since, in order to belong to this assocition, a series of requisites must be met that demand guarantees.

    The Department of Agriculture, Livestock and pastures of the Government of Navarra conceded the "Navarran Mark of Quality" to their product, using the Orden Foral of 22nd June 1987

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